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Uniting in the face of Adversity – A necessity for perpetual development


A country has freedom of speech, right to the press and a whole lot like the one we do enjoy in our beloved country Ghana; one has the right to do whatever he/ she pleases and as such has the power to support anything, being it a political party, religious affiliation, football clubs etc or even at times making known their individual sentiments on certain matters he/she deems fit.

Our hallmark is being recognized as a peaceful nation and we cannot simply ignore the level of hospitality and harmony we demonstrate towards one another in both the good and the bad times. To mention a few, we are known to bare the pains of one another and sympathize with families of bereaved individuals; and this action is seen in our visit to the bereaved families, our donations in cash and items, which sums up our generosity to such people.

The media and some important personalities in our country make use of their influence on the citizens to convey the news of such incidents, whether it is fortunate or un-fortunate to get to various places within the country and largely, other parts of the world. Their selfless dedication and hard work brings information of our daily happenings to the corridors of many.

In these recent times, we have been privileged and this opens the door for people to also share in the pain or the joy of the persons concerned as our love for humanity and the nation as a whole. For a while now, we have not only had a great time, which seemed to have been short-lived because of being ruled by the new world order, the corona virus pandemic, and everything that comes with it. This is a major canker of the world awaiting the intervention of divinity.

We have lost people who were dear to our hearts and members we held in high esteem due to their relentless service to the nation in one way or the other. The likes of people who lost their lives battling with one illness or the other and most especially the corona virus. Good sons of the soil like Kofi B, Prophet Seth- Frimpong, and some few days ago, Evangelist Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku popularly known as Apraku my daughter, may their gentle souls rest in the bosom of the creator.

I must commend and say “ayekoo” to my fellow Ghanaians on how they mourned with the families of the departed and the support each person gave as a sign of their love to them even though they are no more; the media played very good roles as expected. With all I have seen growing up, I feel we should hail and extend a helping hand to people when they need them. Many people are being traumatized and it would only be proper we support them when they are alive.
I may be wrong, but I feel the manner in which we give attention to some of the issues affecting some people within the country is done with some sort of preference and discrimination. Some media houses are very selective in the people they give attention to in my opinion and are picky on what to write about or talk about, perhaps they think of their gains as compared to the right thing to do.
When Bishop Bernard Nyarko died news of his sudden demise got to the attention of the public few hours after he was declared dead by the hospital, most media houses got everyone talking about it; individuals who knew him personally and even those who didn’t know him but bonded with him through his works in the industry shared in the sad moments. TV stations conducted series of interviews with affected persons, everyone virtually talked about it, and statuses had RIPs all over. The late Prophet Seth- Frimpong had similar treatment.
Sadly am yet to see something about the late Evangelist Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku (Apraku my daughter) as was seen for the above departed souls or as done for some celebrities; I find it hard to believe that he’s not known in this country, he died days ago and thumbs up to the media houses that brought us news of his demise but I feel we are being too quiet on his issue, I know he is dead and gone but am still of the opinion that he hasn’t been fairly treated.
Looks like some media houses are developing cold feet on reporting news about his death or saying anything about his unfortunate circumstance. I stand to be corrected and this is nothing personal or an attack to anybody am just a young man pondering over the realities of life and seeing what people’s preferences are.
This is life, in the end you will realize you are all you have. Maybe the coming days would clear my doubts; this is just how I feel, Media houses and platforms should be fair to all and sundry and we as a nation must show maximum love to ourselves whiles we live. RIP to all gone souls, you remain in our hearts, and God bless all well-wishers of the families of the departed. God bless you Dr. Sonnie Badu, Kumchacha and God bless our homeland Ghana.

Source: JB lion

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