Over the week Edem fairre and her team of professional were invited to speak to young vibrant future leaders at the University of Professional Studies Association dubbed “SheFest “ where she explained the responsibility women have to the nation and the world, the importance of realizing your stress and depression triggers and how to manage them, Among other fun interactive exercises presented by Edem fairre
She went ahead to empower their thought on self value and understanding they are not alone.

“I want each lady to look into each other’s eyes and tell her;
You are enough!
We are powerful together
We will empower each other.
You can do anything Because you are not alone.
She also reminded them to always look in the mirror
And keep proclaiming positivity, and if they don’t know how to motivate themselves each day
They should repeat to educate a man you a educate a person, To educate a woman, you educate the Nation.

She encouraged them to use the EdemFairre fdn Medical app as well if they want to have private sessions with health professionals to avoid the public stigma.

Gloria Edem Farrie Known as Edem Fairre is currently multiple award winning fashion model, Television Host, and An influencer

Edem has worked as a brand ambassador several major brands including Twelluim industry (Verna natural mineral water) Max international ,
Woodin Textile (collection) Bayer Scientific etc

In 2019, Edem fairre founded the Edem fairre foundation; A foundation for Depression and Anxiety.The foundation focuses upon bringing awareness to the issue of depression and Anxiety Management throughout Ghana and Africa.
With Activities she embarked on with her Partner
The foundation won Foundation of the year
Whilst she herself being honored Young Achievers Award by Outstanding Women Awards

Edem fairre Tops this up by focusing on the United Nation Sustainable development goal 2 which is Zero hunger, which aims to reduce them eradicate hunger in Ghana
She was recently sworn in as the SDG Ambassador for Zero Hunger by United Nations Youth association Ghana, Mother NGO; United Nations Association

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