On the 5th day of the Association of African Universities’ (AUU) Quality Assurance in Marketing and Digital Marketing Virtual Workshop which began on the 1st of December 2020, Dr. Violet Makuku, a Facilitator and Workshops Coordinator at the AAU wanted to know if institutions prepared students for internship/industrial attachment during the coverage of the topic on institutional Branding.
She said that the way institutions brand their students by teaching them how to have a positive attitude towards work and some other good manners help to market them in a positive way. This is because people are normally attracted to well branded institutions as displayed in students’ behaviour, among other things. She added that when students demonstrate a negative attitude towards work during their internship/industrial attachment, they block future opportunities for other students and graduates.
Dr. Makuku said that before students go out for internship/industrial attachment and as graduates, institutions should seriously prepare them to represent their institutions very well. Although one of the participants responded that their institution did send-offs for graduates to prepare them for the world of work, most participants indicated that they did not do that in their institutions. Another participant said that they orient and supervise students on how to do their practicums, stressing its importance and what is expected of them as interns. It should, therefore, be imperative for institutions to fully prepare students and graduates for the real world of work where they are expected to represent themselves and the institutions that they come from, in a positive way.

In relation to all the above, Dr. Makuku stressed that the mandate of the AAU has always been to increase the quality of African Higher and Tertiary Education and to strengthen its contribution to Africa’s political and socio-economic development by supporting the institutions to deliver their core functions. The AAU Secretary General Prof. Etienne E. Ehile pledged to continue giving all the necessary support to ensure that this mandate is fulfilled all the time

Source:Pamela Boamah

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