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Dr Lawrencia Agyapong endorses the Economic Freedom Party


The Economic Freedom Party is a political party based in the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) which is formed for an academic purpose with its core objective of giving equal opportunity to everyone irrespective of your status.


As EFP wants a complete balance in Ghana’s economy, it also wants equal opportunities for everyone in the nation irrespective of the person’s social status, location or gender.

In preparation towards the Program which will be held on GIJ campus on 22nd and 23rd November 2019 for the regular and weekend school respectively, the Economic freedom Party launched its party, unveiled its logo and flag bearer including all executives on the 10th November 2019 at GIJ campus.

The program captured chanting of Jama song of EFP, singing of the party’s anthem, explanation of the party’s colours, chairman’s remark, President’s remark, Vice President’s and Party secretary’s remark.

The Head of Department of Political Communication, Dr. Lawrencia Agyapong who doubles as the lecturer for the course was the special guest for the occasion.

Speaking at the event Dr. Lawrencia declared that, she is now rest assured something great will come out of EFP.

According to her, EFP is the class with the least members which made her a little worried in terms of the competition but witnessing the launch on Sunday gave her a different perception about the competence of the class ahead of the competition.

She therefore encouraged all members of EFP to put in much effort as we conquer the trophy this year.

BY; Veronica Kwofie, GIJ diploma 2 student

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