“A step at a time, as we make conscious effort to counter inaccurate stereotypes by replacing them with fact about our community and our people “

The 3rd ZONGO INTER-TRIBAL COMMUNITY FOOTBALL FIESTA believes every young person has the potential to do great things. Through sports, the youth are given tools to explore, learn, invent, and develop their innate talent under the theme: BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW THROUGH SPORTS

Using sports and education as our instruments, the organization aims to identify and nurture talent in the youth from poverty-stricken homes; where young people are forced to drop out of school due to financial constraints, the consequences of which negatively expose such youth to crime, drug abuse and other social vices.

Majority of the families in NIMA have an average number of five children per household and are struggling to survive by doing odd jobs. All the family’s small income is basically for feeding (hand-to-mouth) whiles many of these households lack basic human needs and cannot afford the cost of educating their children and supporting them up to the level where they can sustain themselves.

Meanwhile the successful ones amongst the countless professional footballers who hail from our community are using football to shape their destinies and also set their communities and families alive on the path of prosperity and progress.

The office of Onukpa Futa III and the royal vulture sports consult is organizing the 3rd ZONGO INTER-TRIBAL COMMUNITY FOOTBALL FIESTA starting from the 8th February to the 5th of march 2023. This year’s football expo saw grand walk through the street of Nima, Mamobi to Kanda Community learning Center (Library) to launch the 3rd edition. Chiefs, opinion leaders, youths, the police and twenty-two participating teams graced the energetic occasion.

On the 8th February, 2023 at 4:00PM Onukpa Futa III, The CEO of royal vulture sports consult Alhaji Awalu Angugu Mahama Alfala, chiefs kick starts the tournament.

Participating teams are Kado, Ewe, Chokosi, Wangara, Dagomba, Fulani, Yoruba, Kotokoli, Bassila Anii, Ga-Adagbe, Chamba, Ahanta, Hausa, Gawo, Wala, Gurushie, Guruma, Bissa, Dandee, Sissala, Zabarma and the Akans.

The match saw Hausa losing 0-1 to the Gawo, match day 1 features Guruma and Zabarma which ended 2-1in favor of the Guruma, whiles Bissa draw 0-0 with the Kado and knocked the kado’s out through 10 -9 penalty kicks, interestingly day 4 also were drawn by the Ahanta warriors and Chokosi’s but Chokosi’s progressed through 3-2 penalty shot. Monday 13th Feb, Bassila Anii battles it out with Ewe at 3:30pm.

Attendance has been massive, estimatedly each day has seen not less than two thousand at the park while five thousand others watch it through MSTV GH on Facebook and YouTube live streaming @MSTV PLUS AND MSTV GH while HAJIA GH, GTV SPORTS PLUS AND OTHERS also streams live.

Credit:Babz Gh

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