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Sly Tetteh’s fate hangs, faces charges of forgery, perjury and fabrication


The Greater Accra Vetting committee yesterday 28th February 2020 indicates that the candidature of the CEO of National Youth Authority, Mr. Sylvester Matthew Tetteh is hanging based on a petition filed by two polling station executives of Bortianor-Ngleshie Amnafro constituency.

The petitioners have alleged that Mr. Tetteh has failed to meet the conditions set out in article 12(7) (c) and (f ) of the NPP constitution for committing forgery, perjury and fabrication. That contrary to section 158 and 159 of the Criminal and Other offences Act, Act, 29 Mr. Tetteh forged on his nomination form for the NPP Parliamentary Primaries with regards to his place of birth. That according to section 158 whoever, with the intent to deceive any person, forges any judicial or official document, shall be guilty of second degree felony. Again, section 159 states that whoever forges any document whatsoever, with intent to defraud or injure any person, or with intent to invade the requirements of law, or with the intent to commit, or to facilitate the commission of any shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

According to the petitioners for Mr Tetteh to state Tuba as a place of his birth in his nomination form which is contrary to what is stated in his Passport Mr. Tetteh has committed forgery and fabrication within the meaning of Section 214 which states that, a person fabricates evidence if he causes any circumstance to exist, or makes a false entry in any account, or record, or makes any document containing a false statement or forges any document, with intent to mislead any public officer, judge or jury acting in a judicial proceeding.

Again, Mr. Tetteh’s action is contrary to section 211 of Act 29 which states that, a person is guilty of perjury, if any written or verbal statement made or verified by him upon oath in any court, or public officer, or before he states anything which he knows to be false in a material particular, or which he has no reason to believe to be true.

According to sources, the place of birth stated in Mr. Tetteh’s passport is Tema.

“Mr. Tetteh again on Citi FM stated categorically that he was born in Tuba in the Bortianor-Ngleshi Amanfro intentionally to deceive the public and to invade the requirement of a parliamentary candidate as stated in the form and by the NPP constitution”.

The petitioners is therefore praying to Vetting Committee to
declare the nomination form of Mr. Sylvester Matthew Tetteh void and of no legal effects hence, the candidature of Mr. Sylvester Mattew Tetteh be declared disqualified.

The Vetting Committee according to sources has therefore put Mr. Tetteh’s fate hanging until investigation is done on the matter.

Mr. Sylvester Tetteh and other four aspirants including the incumbent member of parliament, Alhaji Abib Saad are contesting for NPP parliamentary primaries Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfo in the Greater Accra region.


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