BBC Africa Eye has released a video that clearly implicates Dr Paul Kwame Butakor, a lecturer at the University of Ghana’s College of Education

This video is an excerpt from the sexual harassment exposé that BBC Africa Eye will be showing at 6pm today.

In the video, a BBC eye investigator posed as a Final year student looking to pursue her Masters.

According to the video, she was invited by Dr Butakor into his office where on their second meeting he asked to be her side boyfriend. He admitted he had a wife who was out of the country and he was willing to be her side boyfriend.

He went ahead to offer her National Service placement in his department even though the deadline for that had passed if she accepted his offer and promised he will not be a distraction to her.

“No distractions, your focus should be on your career. Then the side will see how best he can also contribute to your career and make you to become a better person. Let me be your side, your side guy ok? I will not give you trouble. Seriously I will not give you trouble, I will not give you trouble. I will not be a distraction to your life. Let me be your side guy?” He says in the video.

The exposé was carried out by BBC Eye journalists who went undercover to investigate sexual harassment cases in the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos.

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It will be premiered on all social media platforms of BBC Africa, including YouTube.


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