• I hear people make the above statement quite often. Those that say this are not people you can put into one category and classify with a common adjective. The educated, uneducated, ignorant, discerning, rich, poor, young and old make the above statement at certain points in time. Before I got serious with politics, I remember my mother adviced me a couple of times against getting involved. She thought our family was too reserved to get into the rough terrain of Ghanaian politics. My siblings were worried. Whether I listened to them or not is an issue for another day. But is politics really dirty? I personally thinks otherwise.
• When noble men take the back benches and pretend that they are too good for politics, the rough, greedy and “dirty” people take over and define the game in their own words and deeds. That is not to say that every politician is crooked. NO. But the truth is that there are some real crooked ones in there who give it that bad image.
• There is a notion that it is more difficult to find a decent and truthful politician than it is to find water in the desert. Happenings in our body politics in recent times give credence and weight to this school of thought. Rampant cases of alleged corruption and prosecutions of public officials who are eventually found to be guilty of embezzling public funds are worrying. Behaviours and deeds of certain people elected into sensitive public positions give one the impression that politics is indeed a dirty game.
• The question is that, whose fault is it that politics of our land has been reduced to a dirty game? It is the collective fault of us the people. Nobody, maybe not many, can be absolved from this blame. Gone are the days when students’ leadership, chieftaincy, the clergy, journalists, workers’ unions, discerning and well-meaning Ghanaians were a force to reckon with in the day to day running of the affairs of this country. The untainted credibility of each and everyone of these bodies was enough to make the government of the day listen to any criticism that came from them. People did not easily kowtow to political power and goodies from politicians. Then gradually, politicians infiltrated our schools, our churches, our mosques, our media houses, our organised unions, our security agencies, and even our courts. Supposed independent bodies are now seen in political colouring.
• We have allowed ourselves as a people with a common destiny to be carried along with the gymnastics of the politician. It has become worst with the NPP-NDC buffoonery. Ghanaians are now separated on everything between these two parties. Or else, why will a poor, jobless and struggling young person waste his/her energy in the blazing sun demonstrating for the release of a political hooligan, a corrupt politician, a violent party person, or whoever, that is standing trial for a bad deed? Is it worth putting your life on the line for the life of one whose dealings have been a contributory factor to your impoverishment? Why will you quarrel, insult, stab and sometimes shoot your fellow man because you’re fighting the course of a politician whose children will never do same for them? Until we wise up as young people and take our destinies into our own hands, we have no right to call politics a dirty game. Ask yourself what type of politician you will become if at this young age you have started defending corruption.
• The most annoying people to this menace is the intelligent, energetic and noble people of society that sit back and watch unconcerned while the “dirty ones” drive the lives of the masses into a ditch. Nobody is ever too gentle to be a politician. It is cowardice to fold your arms and blame those in the helm of affairs when indeed you could be in there helping to right the wrongs.
• Politics is supposed to be a service to the people. If you love your people, you will leave your comfort zone and get in to serve. Complaining from the sidelines will never get any thing done. I repeat, it is cowardice.
• Some people are already doing the best they can. Some are in there but not serving. They are rather being served. Let your love for humanity and the common Ghanaian lead you into building this nation. Politics can only be dirty if we leave it into the hands of dirty people.
• As we approach the 2020 general elections, I believe this is a good time to call on all noble Ghanaian professionals who have the capability to get involved, vie for positions and eventually help build this nation.
• Together we CAN! Together we MUST!! Together we SHALL!!!
Credit; SULE ABU( King Solomon II) suleabu34@gmail.com

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