PAMITOUCH FOUNDATION, led by Pamela Aboagyewaa Mantey on the 19th of December, 2020  slog through toils and hassels to the beautiful lands of Abonse in the Eastern Region of Ghana to donate to the Aged

This kind actions of the foundation relieved hundreds with over 1,000 pieces of shelter materials including Rice, Oil, Spaghetti, Canned Mackerels, Washing powder, Soaps, Nose masks, Bags of sachet water, Spaghetti, Tomatoe paste, Clothes and many more were donated to the Aged.

Pamitouch Foundation did not only donate hampers to the aged but also considered the health of the Aged of Abonse.
We also had a medical team to check the health status.

We would like to take this ecstatic opportunity to THANK everyone who played a role in this kind gesture for their support and prayers for it is through your generous donations that PAMITOUCH FOUNDATION was able to put a smile on the faces and hearts of the aged at Abonse.

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