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Pent Hall Week’s Karaoke To Experience A Surprise Performance From France Based FRD



Frederick Kekeli Quashie, better known by his stage name FRD, is a Ghanaian rapper and record
producer. He was born in longjumeau, Essonne, France on the 23rd September 1990 from a
Telecommunication Engineer ‘William Wolee Quashie’ and a professional Linguist
‘Nadia Sergine Sani Agata’.
He stayed in France for 8 years before the family (which now consisted of 4
members due to his brother ‘William Jr Joe Quashie’ arrival the year before) decided
to move to Lomé, Togo in West Africa.
He schooled in Togo until grade 6 and the family moved again. This time to
Ghana for a year. In Ghana, he learnt how to speak English.
After Ghana, Nigeria was the next destination where he really developed his
English speaking, reading and writing.

It was on a Saturday night that his dad ‘William Wolee Quashie’ bought him the
‘Eminem show’ album. That album made him realize: Rapping is the only way he
could actually feel fulfilled and happy. So from that day he started writing
lyrics every single day. The rhymes were not that good at first, but then they started
making much more sense and place themselves at very particular and beautifully
arranged places as he creates them.
He continued writing his lyrics for about 2 more years, and that is when the
family moved once more.
Cotonou, Benin Republic in West Africa was probably the place he discovered
he had a potential people didn’t have in abundance so he used it to his advantage
especially in school : Nigerian International School.
That school sharpened him all round and made him comprehend a lot of things not
only about himself but also about life challenges and their consequences.
He finished high school at 17 years old and stayed home for 2 years making his art
better. But then he realized he was good at music but he was not a marketable
product when what he had worked on hit the public and they weren’t responding
to the material in a positive way. He felt a rush of defeat and giving up in him
but couldn’t let go of his first and only love : MUSIC.

So he kept fighting through adversity but still couldn’t succeed in Benin.
He traveled to Ghana for studies purposes and saw there a different crowd of
people with a whole new idea of music. He studied the Ghanaian market for more
than 2 years before venturing in it with a new understanding of the music business.
FRD teamed up with Q from the bacon gang in 2013, and released a single entitled “The Intermission”
which quickly got followed by an animated video. FRD and Q later that year dropped a bunch of singles
which amounted to their “Smoking season” mixtape.
In 2015, FRD and Klenam decided to make a duo and called themselves “KnFmusic”. The duo released
one single entitled “Lele (The Rigt Way)” which got more than 20k views on YouTube, and over 10k
following and likes on both Instagram and Facebook. They got interviewed at a lot of shows and
platforms including: Late Night Celebrity Show, Yfm, Happy fm, Utv, Afro music pop (DSTV) and more.
A year later, FRD started a solo career and released “Wanna Be Diva” which was produced by Rochy. He
followed it with a series of songs around November 2016 for a month, releasing consistently every
Finally on the 20th March 2017, FRD premiered his ‘Up & Down’ video on WatsUp TV then released it
online for a whooping 7k+ views and 200+ likes on Facebook

The surprise that awaits attendants of pent’s karaoke is that, FRD has been scheduled to give fans full experience of his musical lifestyle.

Source : Urstrulypraiz.com

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