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NEA Magazine: a step in the right direction -BOLA RAY


The CEO of EIB Network Group, Nathan Kwabena Adisi, popularly known as ‘Bola Ray’ has lauded the organizers of the Nima Excellence Awards (NEA) for focusing on community development and creating the NEA magazine as the official mouthpiece of the awards scheme.

He said “I am very happy that you’ve put together such an initiative,’ when the organizers of NEA paid him a courtesy visit on Thursday, August 20, 2020. The renowned Ghanaian radio and television personality and entrepreneur also noted that “community development is key” and the NEA magazine will contribute to the good of society, by inspiring young people from Zongo communities to have high aspirations.

Bola Ray said “I believe that you’re the youth and you represent what the youth stand for and should achieve”, stating that he believes that the initiative will get people to have role models to look up to and to let them dissociate themselves from nefarious activities and other bad habits.”

The organizers of NEA presented him a copy of the third edition of the NEA magazine signed by the national Chief Imam. He expressed his apppreciation of the gesture and urged that the Chief Imam and other Muslim leaders be recognized at all times, especially though initiatives such as the NEA.

Credit: ijahra larry chibara

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