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Nana Sandy Achampong-Early Life and Career


Nana Sandy Achampong is a specialist in journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, the visual arts and literature in Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Achampong’s entered St. Hubert’s Seminary School in Santasi, Kumasi, after having traveled the length and breath of Ghana because of his mothers profession as a his midwife. The then eleven-year old Achampong had already attended eight different schools and lived in as many far flung regions.

After failing to qualify to enter the prestigious University of Ghana-Legon, he enrolled in the Institute of Journalism where he blossomed under the directorship of renowned journalists Kabral Blay Amihere and Kojo Yankah.

Achampong’s sojourn at this institute is significant because this is where, for the first time in his erratic life he actually settled down long enough to see through and finish an entire academic program. Secondly, this is where he made friends who would in the ensuing years become his muses, sounding board and fan base. But more importantly, the Institute would bring him in contact with literati, politicians, thinkers, luminaries the likes of the maverick president J. J. Rawlings, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, legendary African Art Musician Ephraim Amu, the renaissance sculptor and impresario Saka Acquaye, and ground-breaking radio broadcaster Carl Agyeman-Bannerman [who introduced him to Fela Anikulapo Kuti].

The cultural maverick, the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, after his second of several encounters with Achampong in the late 1980s, told Carl Bannerman on his ‘Solid Black’ radio programme in Ghana of Achampong’s writing style, saying “he does acrobatics with the English language. That is how Africans mus’ be. Whatever it is that has been pushed onto you, you have to excel at it and then reproduce it in your own unique African way. And that is what he is doing.”

In the United Kingdom, Achampong enrolled in an MBA program with the Open University but returned to Ghana halfway through to start ‘The Wind’ magazine.

Achampong enrolled at the American InterContinental University and secured a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Project Management. He continued to secure a Master’s degree in Education, specialization in Instructional Design and Technology.

He currently teaches at the African University College of Communications, where he is also the Director of the Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing.

Nana Achampong

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