I have come to learn with disappointments the Electoral Commission of Ghana’s decision to schedule for the registration of voters in some communities across the country on 31st July, 2020, a day of Eid and a public holiday.

This news comes as a shocking surprise as 31st July was declared a public holiday by the Ministry of Interior led by Hon Ambrose Derry. And per that declaration, it is expected that this day be respected and observed as such.

I want to believe the leadership of the Electoral Commission understand the import of this day to not only the Muslims in Ghana but across the globe. Scheduling a national exercise on a public holiday is not just sheer disrespect to the Muslim Community of the country but a great act of lawlessness and disregard to the constitution of the land which professes freedom of worship.

And in ‘sad’ times like this, i question the presence of the so called Muslims representation at the helms of affairs i.e Dr. Bawumia, Mustapha Hamid et al.

Does our Veep in particular have anything to say in times like this ? We still remember vividly his utterances in the run up to election 2016; he once said we needed a blend of Christians and Muslims at FH, we have it today and what is the IMPACT?

The EC Chair should act now and reverse this unpopular decision as it will undoubtedly be met with all the resistance deemed appropriate.

We shall always and will continue to admonish our Muslim youth to be law abiding and peaceful loving citizens, however the Electoral Commission leadership should not disrespect nor disregard our beliefs and acts of worship, especially on this revered day that every Muslim would wish to witness and celebrate with family.

No matter the level of urgency with which the registration must continue, it can always be postponed to the following days however the day of Eid cannot be postponed. In this regard, we are calling for an urgent action by the EC to postpone or better still call off the exercise on this important day in our country.

Alhaji Said Sinare

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