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HRRG invited to join Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance


Prof. Kwame Karikari, Former Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has entreated the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) to come on board and support the Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance in its bid to end democratic decline and secure inclusive governance and development in Ghana.

“You are part of the agenda so try and join the coalition and help the good cause to succeed”.

He made this call while speaking at a media engagement and the launch of the Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance also known as the Citizens’ Coalition in Accra on Monday July 4, 2022.

Prof. Karikari responding to a question by Joseph Wemakor, the Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters on what practical steps or measures would be adopted by the Coalition to help address the burgeoning human rights issues the country is confronted with, explains the Citizens’ Coalition mandate seeks to give backing to various initiatives being championed by both individuals, groups and organizations in the country which conforms to their agenda to thrive.

“Most organizations have their mandate which they’re already working on. Some are working on women’s right issues, others are already working on corruption, issues, and others are dealing with many aspects of issues concerning society”.

“So these organizations would not stop doing the work they’re doing, so collectively we would pick up issues that are of national scale, both small or big but we think if your organization is a member or even if you’re not a member, but we think that the matter you are dealing with is of such imports, then we have the volition to join you or to pick up that issue”.

Ghanaians have, in recent months been experiencing a very rapid deterioration of their living conditions occasioned partly by the persistent depreciation of the cedi; leading to a severe weakening of the purchasing power of most working people, and the unprecedented steep rise in the cost of living as food prices continue to soar. Prices of petroleum products are on the rise; affecting cost of transportation amongst other things. Rent is equally high. These factor have invariably affected the cost of health care amongst Ghanaians, as well as other basic necessities.

According to Citizens’ Coalition, measures taken by authorities so far do not seem to have the potency to mitigate these serious challenges but rather they blamed their failure on the prevailing socio-economic challenges are a global phenomenon occasioned by the combined effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war.

In a presentation made by Nana Afadzinu, the Executive Director of WACSI on behalf of the Coalition, several issues confronting the country were raised which include the monster of youth unemployment, corruption and the needless waste of public resources, the purported reclassification of the Achimota Forest Reserve and matters arising, government’s steps at implementing the Agyapa Royalties Agreements and matters arising, improper accounting for Covid-19 funds and failure in passage of the Affirmative Action Bill to law

The Citizens’ Coalition is of the view that the socio-economic and governance challenges faced by the country have reached critical dimensions hence there’s the need to join forces and put pressure on government to rise up to the occasion and deal with the issues to ensure democratic renewal, economic and social justice prevail.

“Fellow country men and women, we are gravely concerned that these developments, if not checked, would continue to pose an ever-increasing existential threat to our democracy. It would embolden misguided political actors and elements and even sections of our population, particularly our youth, who see no relief in the existing state of affairs, to consider as appropriate, disruptive and authoritarian alternatives to constitutional democracy”.

“This is why a number of civil society organizations and individuals have come together to form this non-partisan coalition/movement which would harness democratic renewal, economic and social justice. This movement shall be known as the Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance, CITIZENS’ COALITION for short”, she noted.


Source: Joseph Wemakor

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