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Guinea Military Jacquerie Alpha Condé’s Government.


A reported coup has taken place at the Guinea’s presidential palace- Conakry this afternoon.

The coup lead by Lt Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, overthrown the eighty-three years old Guinea President- Alpha Condé who apparently modified the constitution of Guinea to re-elect himself when the country went to the polls last year for his third term.

The long serving Guinea’s leader is currently in the custody of the military with bruises all over his face, dusty and devastated in a video seen circulating on social media.

Footage of the military appearing on national television addressing the public from the state television headquarters clearly indicate power have been seized from civilians and the government has been dissolved by soldiers.

Message from the coup leader, Lt Colonel Mamady Doumbouya said, the country will no longer entrust politics to one man but rather people[citizens], “we will no longer entrust politics to one man. We will entrust it to the people”, he said.

According to the press by the military, the president has been taken to an undisclosed location but has been confirmed in a “saved place”. The army colonel noted, his actions are in the best of the nation citing the economic hardship lack of development since independence from France.

“If you see the state of our roads, the state of our hospitals, you realize that after seventy-two years, its time to wake up. We have to wake up”

Currently, the borders of Guinea have been closed both land and air hindering access into the country.

The United nation Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has condemned the act of the military and demanded immediate release of Guinea President in a tweet post.

“I am personally following the situation in Guinea very closely. I strongly condemn any takeover of the government by force of gun and call for immediate release of President Alpha Condé”

Source: Nana Agyei Sikapa Ofosu-Manu


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