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Ghana, a beacon of peace and democracy in Africa


Ghana once again has shown why it’s the beacon and epitome of peace in Africa and the world as a whole.
Despite the tension in the country, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic prior to the general election. The election processes went on successfully, with very little irregularities.
After the general elections, the largest opposition party in the country, National Democratic Congress(NDC), rejected the results announced by the Electoral commission declaring the incumbent President Akuffo Addo, as the winner of the elections.
This rejection led to the supporters of the NDC demonstrating across the country as a sign of their rejection which eventually led to the death of some eight people who were gunned down by the military during the demonstration.
The NDC later filed a petition to the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the general elections on the basis that they elections were flawed and rigged with the case currently at the Supreme Court.
Notwithstanding that, the nation should still have a leader to manage the affairs till either the Supreme Court confirms the elections were flawed and deserves a run off or that the announcement made by the Electoral Commission should still hold.
Fast forward 2021, the President Elect has been sworn into office as has the 8th Parliament of the fourth Republic.
The inauguration of the 8th Parliament was however saddled with lots of controversies and absurd behaviors exhibited by elected “Honorables” in Parliament.
The most astonishing to Ghanaians being the attempt to snatch ballot papers containing the results of the yet to be elected new Speaker of Parliament by a Carlos Ahenkorah who is the Member of Parliament for Tema West and is on the ticket of the NPP in full glare of the media and all present. Quite astonishing!
The NDC’s nominee was in the end appointed as Speaker Of Parliament. So, for the first time in our history the ruling party will have to work with an opposition member as the Speaker of Parliament.
The Speaker would be in charge when both the President and his vice are out of the the country making for an interesting scenario should the President and his Vice happen to be out of the country at the same time.
This 8th Parliament could perhaps solve most of the prevalent problems in Parliament; like the absenteeism of members; and members walking out during proceedings.
One of the major problems Ghana’s parliament has faced over the years is the absenteeism of members of the house which this 8th Parliament might go a long way in solving.
With no party having clear majority in Parliament, it would prevent members of either side from absenting themselves from proceedings in the house as the moment you absent yourself, one side might have the advantage to pass or decline a bill.
Another problem that this current Parliament can solve is the tendency of minority walking out of Parliament during proceedings citing the Speaker’s of Parliament as taking sides.
However, with the current Speaker being nominated and appointed from the NDC it’ll be difficult for them to walk over their own man during proceedings in the house.
Despite all that transpired during and after the general elections. Ghana and Ghanaians have proven once again to be a beacon of peace and a true star of Africa when it comes to peaceful election and the practice of democracy in not just our continent but also the world! God bless our homeland Ghana!
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