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Flagbearer For The EFP Calls On Ghanaians To Look Out For Equal Opportunities


Mr. Smart Takyi Nixon, President hopeful for Economic Freedom Party has called on all Ghanaians to look out for equal opportunities as the preamble of the 1992 constitution of Ghana states.
He made this remark in an interview on Radio GIJ 97.7 megahertz on Wednesday, 13th November 2019.

Mr. Takyi Nixon, revealed the rationale behind the party. He opined, “EFP is here to relief Ghanaians of their economic struggles and difficulties. The daily minimum wage in Ghana will be increased to Ghc11.80p in 2020. That means, paying an employee Ghc 320.00 at the end of a month is perfectly legal but very sad, yet no one is angry enough with the system”.
According to him, the EFP is poised to implement Functional Economic Reconstruction program for everyone.

The General Secretary of the party, Miss Priscilla Mhame Twebah Aikins, speaking on the sidelines also encouraged all level 300 students of GIJ, Ghanaians; floating voters and electorates who are dissatisfied with happenings within their parties to join the EFP because EFP is determined to bring economic relief to everyone.
She therefore advised party members, competitors and all students to note that, this is a political party made up of level 300 Students offering Political Communication in this semester, so “we should be very careful in our utterances not to hurt anyone during the campaign but rather focus on sharing our message and nothing more. I reiterate on this that, we are going to do issue based campaign so let us involve ourselves in educative arguments and constructive criticism. In pursuit of growth and development of our country, I will call on every member to be inclusive and actively involved in our activities”.
The Economic Freedom Party is a political party based in the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) which is formed for an academic purpose with its core objective of giving equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of your status.
As EFP wants a complete balance in Ghana’s economy, it is only possible with equal opportunities for everyone in the nation irrespective of the status, location or gender.
EFP – Growth || Responsibility & Integrity
If not us, then WHO? If not here, then WHERE? If not now, then WHEN? If not Economic Freedom Party, then WHAT?#TheTimeIsNow.

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