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First of it’s kind: Communication Students Awards



Sky Infinity is set to launch the communication students awards in 2020 for all communication students in Ghana who are excelling in their field of study or practice
The communication students awards is believe to help encourage and motivate students who are doing well in Public Relations, Journalism, Movie, Arts and anything that deals with communication.
About the event
The communication student awards is a top notch communication awards program developed by sky infinity to help empower, encourage, motivate and appreciate the works of communication students
The awards will celebrate and reward communication students that are doing well in their field of studies nationwide. As the name goes, our target audience are those students in communication field such as journalism, public relation, music, movies, art and anyone in the communication field nationwide.
The awards promise to serve as a springboard for many students who aspire to reach higher heights with their works, efforts and contributions in the media and communication industry in Africa and Ghana in particular. And also, to serve as a national platform to recognise the great works of communication students in Ghana.
About Sky Infinity
SKY INFINITY is a mother company of segmented/designated companies managed by creative minds. We believe our clients are our outmost priority so we adopt creative and innovative means to help them achieve the best results they expect. Our main focus is to add value and deliver great returns to our clients. We also seek to nature young and talented minds to become great in the society. A policy that always keeps us on our feet, informed and experienced.
The Organizers are calling for partners and sponsors who wish to make this Awards a Success to come on broad by calling 0553089585.
We believe that any Company that sponsors The communication Students Awards is strategically position themselves as a media friendly company hence a great expose to their brands since the awards is meant for communication students, Michael Elorm Zah convener of Communication Students Awards said in an interview

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