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Fans urged to stay away from Anfield during trophy lift


Liverpool have urged their fans to stay home and celebrate with their loved ones when the premiership trophy is lifted at Anfield.

The scenes at Leeds United’s home ground following their promotion has sparked speculation on social media on the possibility that something similar might occur at Anfield during the Reds trophy lift which has led to Liverpool football club’s CEO Peter Moore releasing a joint statement to address the Reds fan base.

“Nothing is happening outside of the stadium.”

“When the time is right, we will all come together to celebrate but, for now, we are asking fans to keep themselves and their families safe by celebrating at home,” he stressed.

The joint statement was released by Liverpool FC, Merseyside Police, Liverpool City Council and Spirit of Shankly encouraging fans to enjoy the “special moment (s) on screen, in the comfort of their homes.”

The premiership trophy will be lifted at the home of the Reds in their next fixture against Chelsea at Anfield under the lights.

Sir Kenny Daglish, an Anfield legend, will be the one to hand the title to Jordan Henderson. Sky Sports will show the trophy lift on their free-to-air channels to help deter large groups of supporters from congregating at Anfield and the surrounding areas.

In the statement, director of public health at Liverpool City Council,  Matt Ashton said “This week, Liverpool Football Club will celebrate their magnificent achievements in what has undoubtedly been a standout but strange season.

“We know fans will be eager to celebrate Liverpool FC lifting the Premier League trophy but they need to do this responsibly. The coronavirus is still in circulation within our communities so it is vital that we continue to avoid large gatherings, to protect each other, our families and the NHS.

“The threat of a second lockdown is very real. Fortunately, the trophy ceremony is free to watch on TV. Hopefully, the city will be able to mark this achievement more publicly in the near future. Until then, avoid any big crowds and enjoy the Reds being crowned Premier League champions.”

Back in June, fans showed up en masse after the Chelsea-City game which saw the Reds officially win the title. This has thus prompted the assistant chief constable Natalie Perischine, to stress that there will be a strong military presence in an around the premises of the famous old stadium to help dissuade supporters from showing up.

“We’ll have officers on duty at the ground and surrounding area and they will be supported by specialist resources including the Dog Section and mounted police. We will also have a wider city policing plan in place throughout the night, which is standard procedure,” ACC Perischine explained.

“We will also have additional measures we can introduce if necessary, including road management and Dispersal Orders, and this is again to ensure that people are kept safe and discouraged from the risks of gathering.”

Source: News Portal Live

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