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Exclusive;King Solomon II writes


When I was around 15 years old, we lived closer to a house which belonged to an extended family of mine. It could pass as the nicest house around at the time, with terrazzo and all that. The family had made money from outside Ghana at the time and was considered rich.

In this family was a man I will call Uncle( no, not the one you know, thanks). Uncle had a problem with his speech and behaved a bit differently from normal, but he was still okay in many other aspects.

One day, Uncle came home with a woman that he introduced as his wife. It was the first time, yes. And everyone around our hood was so happy for him for certain reasons. One most important reason was that, my uncle had gotten to a certain age with neither a wife nor a child of his own. Everyone felt he needed, at least, a wife to take care of him. So obviously, we all welcomed Auntie with all the love we could give.

Few months after Auntie had moved in, there was this glowing countenance around Uncle that couldn’t be missed. He was being taken care of both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Then, there came the good news: there was a baby on the way.

Uncle made sure to tell whoever cared to listen to him. He will stop you by the roadside and ask you if you knew that his wife was pregnant. The news spread fast and wide, and we were all in expectant spirits for the arrival of the little one.
While we watched and waited, Auntie’s belly was bulging as well, clear confirmation of the great news.
And yes, Auntie behaved exactly like any other pregnant woman would.

Around the 8th month of the pregnancy, my uncle saw her off, ostensibly to go to her family and give birth.

Less was heard about her for a while until snippets of news filtered in that Uncle was the new father of a baby girl. Though we hadn’t seen the baby yet, we were all so happy and congratulated him for a good job.
A few months after the news of her delivery, Auntie came back to town. And indeed, she was carrying a beautiful baby girl. We all trooped into their house to welcome the little one.

But, there was something about the baby that didn’t add up. She looked a little older than the actual months she had supposedly spent on earth. People gossiped about it in undertones, yet that was all they could do, gossip. After all, there was nothing else to suggest a foul play. Maybe the baby was growing faster than normal. It happens, doesn’t it?

Then one day, the police came around our hood asking for Uncle’s wife. And these officers came from outside town, with a warrant to arrest Auntie.
The long and short of it all was that, the pretty baby girl was stolen from her real mother. Auntie had fooled us all, including my Uncle, with a bundle of rags that she shaped to look like a pregnancy. When it was nearing the time to deliver, she went out of town, found a new mother that was lose on guard, and bolted with her baby.

The police took her away. Uncle never recovered from the pain until he died later with stroke. 😭😭😭

This is something I witnessed with my own eyes. It remains one of the most painful stories I have ever seen. And it is one of the reasons this hullabaloo about a certain Takoradi pregnant woman doesn’t surprise me. My Uncle’s wife did worse!

Credit: Wise King Solomon II

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