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Do we value our time??


By; Albert Oddae Banafo Jnr

History has shown and proven that mankind always depends on resources in his environment for survival and development. Withal, the pinch of every era influence the kind of resource to explore. Thus, the value of a resource varies with time; it either depreciates or appreciates.

And one resource which is the nitty-gritty of our life and the most precious resource in this our free enterprise world is TIME. Though time as a resource is available on this earth to every individual, family, society and nation, those who see and treasure its values makes the best use of it.

As a country, we have been seriously looking for aid around the globe, chasing entrepreneurs to divert their resources to Ghana, neglecting that these foreign investors could not have made it by ignoring the most dyed-in-the-wool and major resource in the world.

This resource is TIME.

There’s no country in this world which has developed or evolved without placing premium on TIME. The whole world has 24 hours in a day, but what fraction of it, do we use productively??

We spend most of this precious resource on social media, Facebook, Twitter etc every blessed day just continuously liking and commenting on people pictures.

Until we begin to perceive TIME as a precious resource, no amount of investment can resolve our social-economic challenges.

Most of us attend events late without thinking that a key resource – TIME is being wasted. Most people attend state functions or social gatherings late to portray the false impression that dignitaries must be the last to appear at functions. Further, at social gatherings, most leaders fail to exhibit good example of time management.

Even in some churches, the pastors only wait when praises,prayers and offering are done before they mount the pulpit. These people forget that leadership by example is key if they are to influence the people they are leading.

Unfathomable attitude towards time has affected almost every aspect of our national life to the extent that programs on local television channels and radio stations do not even start at the exact advertised time.

For instance, if a program is supposed to start at 8:00pm just after a news broadcast, instead of ending the news at 7:50pm and using the remaining 10 minutes to display adverts pertaining to the next program, the news would end at 8:00pm followed by aforementioned adverts.

When this happens, obviously, the next show won’t and cannot start at the exact advertised time of 8:00pm.. Those who watch and listen to local stations like TV3,GhOne, Peace Fm, Asempa Fm etc will appreciate what I’m saying.

TIME is a precious resource and we have to value it. We either use it or we lose it forever, as time lost cannot be regained!

In a nutshell, we need not anyone to sound in our ears that a change of attitude towards effective time management is core in our pursuit and quest to develop as a nation! Lets value our time!

God bless Ghana.

By; Albert Oddae Banafo Jnr

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