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Black Tales By Poet Timmy Finally Hits The Wave


The Black Tales By Poet Timmy

Spoken word in all it forms has become a very indelible part of our everyday life in the sense that, things said and approached by poetry talents and the very people who has it interest at heart speak about the very usual life happenings.

Tapping into the joy and tears that covers an individual’s emotions, poets also do a great search into human lifestyle and race thereby tackling the very things that matter like love,attitude, fashion sense,capabilities as well as any others worth making a piece from.

On another follow up into the tales of life and it happenings, Ghana’s very Poet Timmy drops another great one and he calls this one “The Black Tales”.

Giving out his inspiration for this great piece, Timmy told UrsTruly Praiz

“In my daily movements around people and places, I realised everyone hate to be decieved, no one enjoys been told a lie yet, it is what most people do in one way or the other. People manipulate the truth sometimes for their gains, people hide the actuals and rather make available the “myth”. So while having these thoughts, I placed my viewpoint on the situation where an elder would not tell the entire truth to the young and explain that when the young is grown, they’ll experience themselves.

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